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How to choose the right size?

Choosing the right size when buying a dress is perhaps the most complicated aspect of online shopping. Pants that are too tight and shirts that are too loose, in fact,...

How to choose the right size?

Choose the right size when buying a dress is perhaps the most complicated aspect of online shopping. Pants that are too tight and shirts that are too loose, in fact, can greatly compromise purchases, especially if you invest a lot of money and, a not negligible aspect, if you buy online. So here are some guidelines, and some tricks, to choose the right size of clothes.


The first thing to do to understand if a size is more or less suitable for you is to take the measurements, even if everyone knows, broadly speaking, which size corresponds to the measurements and which are the dimensions of your body. With a tape measure you need to measure hips, waist and chest and measure exactly the point where these measurements are widest.

Taking measurements is a delicate operation that must be done carefully and in a precise position. Stand up, stretch your arms and start passing the tape measure in all the areas of the body indicated. Measurements should always be taken in centimeters because this way it is easier to implement the size conversion.

Once you have noted the measurements, you need to convert them into size. To do this you need a table, which generally also indicates the standard European sizes in addition to the sizes in use in Italy. The tables are always displayed inside the shops and also online, if you opt for virtual shopping.

To make no mistake, here are some practical ways to take measurements.


Jackets, sweaters, shirts and vests:

The neck is measured and then the distance from the middle of the button to the buttonhole is taken

Pants and underwear:

For the trousers, the leg is measured starting from the groin and reaching the floor, while the underwear follows the size of the trousers.


Dresses, sweaters, shirts and jackets:

Measurements are always taken from the fullest part of the bust while wearing the bra.

Short skirts and shorts:

You need to measure the hips starting from the outline at the widest point


It is necessary to measure the leg starting from the groin to the ankle.


Measurements and standards vary from country to country, but all you need is a little eye combined with knowledge of systems abroad and finding the right size isn't that difficult.

In Italy, the sizes for dresses and tops range from size 36, the smallest, to size 52, the largest. But it's enough just to move a little, in France for example, and the sizes change a lot. In France they calculate sizes with a system that goes from 4 to 20, in a very similar way to the United States which counts sizes on a scale from 0 to 10. A separate discussion should be made for the Japanese, who have a decidedly complicated system for us that mixes numbers and letters; in Japan it is therefore not uncommon to find sizes that are identified as 5a and 7ma.

For jeans, on the other hand, which remain a real shopping must almost all over the world, there would be a separate discussion. In France, to choose a pair of jeans, you start counting from size 34, in England from 6, while in the United States from 2. And even for shoes, the matter becomes more complex abroad, unless you go shopping all over the world. within the borders of the European Union. Throughout Europe, in fact, shoes are measured starting from number 34, but already in America the numbers start from 34, from 21 in Japan and from 1 in England.

That's why it's important to choose the right size through this size guide that we have made available to you.

We have created tables that allow you to easily choose, based on the measurements indicated, the garment of the most correct size for you.

You are now ready to start choosing the right size of your clothing item Crush-store .


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