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The myth of Barbour - The role of The Crown

The myth of Barbour The Barbour brand was born in England in 1894 as J. Barbour & Sons, Tailors and Drapers, manufacturers of waterproof coats and jackets designed for fishermen,...

The myth of Barbour

The Barbour brand was born in England in 1894 as J. Barbour & Sons, Tailors and Drapers, manufacturers of waterproof coats and jackets designed for fishermen, sailors but also for hunters.

Not surprisingly, one of the first slogans read "the best clothing for the worst climate". In a very short time it became the most loved jacket by English riders, motorcyclists and nobles during hunting trips and above all by the British royal family during the rare moments off duty.

In 1974 it received its first Royal Warrant and today it has three: one from the Duke of Edinburgh, one from the Queen and one from Prince (now King) Charles. In a nutshell, the British crown guarantees the quality of this product and inserts it among the supplier companies of the royal house and in fact it is no coincidence that it is the royal family, protagonists of the famous television series "The Crown", who bring back the iconic garment and to make it pop and contemporary.

The TV series, which traces the events and history of the English Royal Family, has reached its fourth season and is also having an impact on the fashion world. In fact, it brought back the Barbour, the traditional hunting waxed jacket always loved by the Royals and made even more popular by Lady Diana in the 1980s. The character of Lady D is the protagonist of this last season: in the series Diana Spencer is played by the twenty-five year old Emma Corrin, and she finds herself wearing the Barbour on various occasions of "real life" in the countryside.

2020 marked the return of the Barbour, the waxed jacket symbol of the English aristocracy. But what is the history of Barbour? What are the most iconic models? How to wear it?

In 1982, when the real Diana Spencer had herself photographed on a moor wearing a Bedale model with a hood, or "the Barbour" par excellence, the historic company had an exponential growth in sales, the hunting jacket has never been lacking in wardrobes of the British monarchy: Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Consort Philip have also always worn it.

Even the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton has recently sported the garments of the English clothing company again: on formal occasions and in contact with nature, it happened several times to see her wearing a Barbour jacket. The British press has often compared the figure of Kate Middleton to that of Lady Diana, for her ability to distinguish herself in style and to dictate fashions and trends.

Emma Corrin and E Tobias Menzies in The Crown – photo Sophie Mutevelian/Netflix

In general, the Barbour jacket is considered an iconic piece of British style, and other beloved British public figures, such as three-time Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis, also wear it often. The first products put on the market were waterproof jackets. Thanks to the tow of "The Crown", recently on various online sales sites, including used products, the announcements of those looking for or those who have found the old garment in the attic are increasing.

The company turned 125 years old. An important milestone for a business born in the markets of South Shields, in north-eastern England. Three centuries later, Margaret Barbour still leads the company, together with her daughter Helen, in a mix of tradition and modernity that knows no age!


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