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Slowear Zanone, the secrets of high fashion

Robert Companion is president of Slowear , a fashion group that brings together five brands: Incotex , Zanone, Montedoro , Slowear workshop And Glanshirt . The group owes its success to the choice of high quality fabrics...

Ice Cotton Zanone

The garments made by Zanone they belong to a unique knitwear, for the quality and sustainable materials used. The Zanone t-shirt in ice cotton born from the search for exclusive, light and breathable cottons, suitable for every season. Ice cotton is a Zanone patent, the characteristics of which allow to preserve freshness and elasticity. The washing of the ice cotton polo shirts takes place at thirty degrees or dry cleaning and the fabric is not ironed.

Flexwool wool Zanone

There Flexwool wool by Zanone born from the highest quality merino wool and a thin and precious stretch thread. The qualities that make the Flexwool wool unique are the resistance, lightness, elasticity and the ability to remain unchanged even after frequent washing. The garments made with this precious wool have a thermal capacity, which offers maximum comfort and versatility.   

The group Slowear , with its brands, has been focusing on quality and detail for years, leaving little room for advertising campaigns and marketing. Quality is the main objective and characteristic at the center of all production, aimed at an attentive public who loves and understands the quality of fabrics. Behind the group there is a lot of work and a lot of technical research, without neglecting the aesthetic side. The garments are produced to last over time and range from sweaters and sweaters, with contemporary lines, up to coats, jackets, jackets.

The group Slowear is present with thirty stores in the major capitals of the world, while the brand Slowear Venice it includes catering brands, accessories and household products, which are inspired by the same philosophy of quality as clothing.

Quality, refinement, technique, Know How


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