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Sprayground ILLUCHAINS TURQ Wallet Sprayground ILLUCHAINS TURQ Wallet
  • Sale -10%
Sprayground ILLUCHAINS TURQ Wallet


Sprayground ILLUCHAINS TURQ wallet with bi-color leather.

4 internal compartments for cash and cards.

Dimensions: 3 "x 4.5" x 0.75 "

Sprayground FIFTH AVENUE Wallet Sprayground FIFTH AVENUE Wallet
  • Sale -10%
Sprayground FIFTH AVENUE Wallet


Sprayground FIFTH AVENUE wallet with iconic Sprayground eye logo on both sides.

4 internal compartments for cash and cards.

Dimensions: 3 "x 4.5" x 0.75 "

Sprayground SHARK SHAPE CHECK Wallet


Sprayground SHARK SHAPE CHECK wallet with iconic Sprayground bite logo stitched in relief on both sides.

4 internal compartments for cash and cards.

Dimensions: 3 "x 4.5" x 0.75 "

  • Sale -15%
Kiton Wallet

Kiton leather wallet.

Two cash compartments and 4 card pockets.

Size 13x8cm

Model UPTUSKBN008150200L TUSK

  • Sale -15%
Kiton Wallet

Kiton leather wallet.

Central compartment for cash plus two side compartments and 8 card pockets.

Model UPVENEBN0081502017 VENE

  • Sale -15%
Kiton Wallet

Kiton leather wallet.

Three cash compartments and 8 card pockets.

Dimensions: 17.5x10cm

Model UPWYNNN008150200I WYNN

  • Sale -25%
Montblanc Set

Montblanc Pen and Passport Holder Set with silky black leather box.

Passport holder with 2 extra compartments.

Pix Black ballpoint pen with black precious resin barrel and cap and elegant platinum details.

  • Sale -20%
Montblanc Card Holder

Montblanc card holder from the Nightflight collection is the perfect choice for those who prefer practicality and comfort:

carry it with you in your purse or pocket, always keeping your cards and coins close at hand.

Equipped with 3 compartments for credit cards, two pockets and a compartment with button for coins.

Montblanc RFID Shield Technology.

Dimensions: 10x9cm

Wallets: to each his own

Men's  e Womes's Wallets are an inevitable accessory that owes their success to functionality. In addition to being a style complement to men's clothing, it is an indispensable object to always carry money, documents and credit cards.

Combinable with any outfit, the important thing is to have a clear idea of what you need: a small men's wallet is suitable, for example, for those who want to always have their belongings at hand, but without having a bulky particular object in their pocket.

On the other hand, some want a men's wallet with a coin purse: to avoid having their pockets full of coins, they are willing to buy a slightly more bulky wallet, but one that can collect the money that would otherwise remain scattered.

Leather Wallets: a classic of elegance

Leather Wallets are a must-have in men's clothing, with a simple and elegant design they never go out of fashion. Combinable with both a suit and casual clothing, they are normally in dark shades, but you can also find more colourful ones.

Of different shapes and models, leather wallets, if chosen with care, can meet the different needs of elegance and practicality that a modern man looks for in these accessories.