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Spring summer fashion trends

The passing seasons impose a transformation, and this is precisely the spirit that comes from the world of fashion. The arrival of Spring and the warmer season are the right...

Look Color Block: what is it?

Inspired by art, the Color Block it is the tendency to dress in colors that create a contrast between them. This style is monochromatic, starting from a basic color and then playing with the different shades of the same color, including accessories, shoes and bags. The result can be Glamorous , chic but also extravagant. You can also choose two different but similar colors, such as light blue-green.

The Eighties and Nineties make a strong comeback in this particular 2023 in many ways, so they find a place in the wardrobe sweatshirts , large trousers and comfortable clothing, as if to underline the natural transition from the lockdown to the squares and the outdoor bar table.

Leisurewear becomes the trend of recent times, born as a home look and destined to continue its run. Comfortable overalls and clothes, loose even outside the home, but elegant at the same time.

Spring Summer Fashion: shoes and accessories

The timeless sneakers they find space in the wardrobe and with any type of clothing; just guess the right color: brighter or classic and match it with pants , overalls or shorts . Furthermore, backpacks , trolleys , trunks by hand and shoulder bags even maxi and with bright colors complete an impeccable look, expression of the new trends of the moment.

The accessory, however, that makes our look unique and original is the foulard , worn around the neck or as a hair band knotted around the neck, and accompanied by adults sunglasses . a sweatshirt , a t-shirt or one Shirt they become fashionable with the touch of a scarf with colors skilfully combined with the clothing worn.  

Spring Summer: the colours

What are the colors of the summer? The explosion of Spring and the desire for life in the open air certainly opens the doors to light and bright colours. The colors to inspire for next summer are light blue, beige, even candy pink, bright orange and salmon. The Spring Summer announces itself, as a tribute to the liveliness of colors, but also to neutral colors for all occasions, without forgetting the evergreens: white, black and various cream shades. 


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