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Dr. Martens Boots

Dr. Martens (also known as Doctors, Docs, Doc. Martens or DM's) is a brand of footwear, primarily combat boots, originally manufactured by R. Griggs & Co. of Wollaston, England, United Kingdom, and currently owned by Permira .

Dr. Martens boots  feature a distinctive shape and an air-cushioned sole developed by a German doctor, Dr. Klaus Maertens, as an orthopedic shoe following a foot accident during World War II. Dr. Martens are the shoes that identify and unite certain subcultures such as punk, ska, new waver, skinhead, grunge, psychobilly, mod, metalheads, gothic, emo, etc.

The name Dr. Martens or "Doctors" is sometimes used improperly to call other amphibians produced by other brands, imitations of Dr. Martens or products similar to them.

Dr. Martens is also a record label that has produced promotional vinyls, CDs and DVDs, compilations or albums containing music related to the brand.

Dr. Martens: always young shoes

There are shoes that manage to maintain a carefree and even irreverent air, just like the one you breathe in a very particular way when you are young.

Dr. Martens have a long history behind them which originates in 1901, on the initiative of entrepreneurs Benjamin Griggs and Septimimus Jones, the first to make boots for miners and the British army. A model revived in the fifties by Klaus Martens and Herbert Funck, who found themselves creating a line of comfortable and quality footwear, subsequently acquired, in the sixties, by Griggs, the architect of the relaunch of the brand with the anglicized name Dr. Martens.

Dr. Martens ankle boots are characterized by the rounded heel, the back strap, the iconic yellow stitching between the sole and the upper, typical features of the first model of the new brand and a must-have that is still current: the Dr. Martens 1460, combat boots in leather 8 cherry red holes.

The diffusion is immediate, as are the low 3-hole Dr. Martens shoes (Dr Martens 1461), symbol of a way of being young in the Seventies, interconnected with a certain musical, intellectual and even political culture. Since then, Dr. Martens have been the quintessential mod and punk shoe.