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Cycle Jeans

Excellence in denim lives in the Cycle Collections, telling the story of jeans and Made in Italy: a story of passion for canvases, shades of blue, the demonstration of how an idea becomes an icon.

A production managed in collaboration with selected artisans and renowned textile manufacturers, witness of a constant search for the best fabrics and supplies. The perfect combination of creativity and "know-how".

Cycle was founded in 2000 and in little more than a decade it established itself internationally in the fashion scene, drawing, among the first, that thin red line that divides prêt à porter from casualwear and contributing to the birth of luxury jeans wear.

The name Cycle embodies the principles on which the brand's philosophy is based: expressing the cyclicality that is typical of fashion, reinventing the life cycle of products using traditional materials and finishes reinterpreted in a contemporary key. Cycle tells different worlds that merge: it gives us the dream, the memory of distant countries and mythical eras