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Excellence and quality as a stylish philosophy

The most successful ingredients of the Cruciani brand are undoubtedly the love for beauty, combined with the passion for quality and craftsmanship excellence.

The brand was founded in Italy in 1992, more precisely in Umbria, from an ancient family tradition, thanks to an idea by Luca Caprai.

Craftsmanship and tradition have always been accompanied by attention and research into innovation, until the birth of the brand that has now become a symbol of elegance and refinement, capable of bringing Made in Italy fashion to the world.

One of the keys to Cruciani's success is precisely that of being a brand capable of adapting to the needs and requests of people inserted in an increasingly dynamic and international context, made up of rapid exchanges and frenetic rhythms.

Despite this, Cruciani has always managed to maintain its deep Italian roots, proposing on the market garments capable of evoking the ancient craftsmanship, made of patience and wisdom, creativity and technique, and capable of giving life to that unmistakable aesthetical taste that characterises the brand.

The ultimate goal is to provide customers with a product with a precise recognisable identity, of quality, capable of withstanding time and that is pleasant to wear.

Cruciani is a brand that leaves nothing to chance, so much so that all business processes are directed towards respect for nature and environmental sustainability. The brand, following the various international standards that regulate the fashion sector in terms of environmental protection, has received the Norwegian certification "Det Norske Veritas" which certifies the protection and respect for life and the environment.

Cruciani cashmere knitwear

Cashmere is one of the finest materials used in the fashion industry. Cruciani cashmere sweaters on average weigh about 10% more than those produced by other companies: this means that the brand uses a greater amount of yarn to weave the weft that will form the soft and warm pullover that will be worn.

This choice makes the Cruciani lines aesthetically beautiful, inspired by luxury and made of top quality materials. The processing of each cashmere sweater is extremely complex and elaborate, entrusted to the skilled and expert craftsmen who work in the sector, putting in place all the long tradition they have behind them.

The raw materials are selected with extreme care, choosing only very rare and precious yarns, such as the "Red Diamond" or "Cullinan". These are wools that are often thinner than a hair, worked with dedication to give life to soft sweaters able to dress like a second skin and able to satisfy the needs of an international clientele, a lover of luxury and good taste.

Cruciani cashmere sweaters are designed for those who want to dress comfortably without sacrificing class and elegance.