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Volfagli Clothing

Care for materials, love for details and attention to customer needs are the characteristics of the Volfagli staff. A brand that has long been one of the best-known names in the panorama of Haute Couture fashion and textiles and a guarantee of trust and quality: a real source of pride for Made in Italy and for our country.

Volfagli: brand history and description

In 1984 in Reggello, in the province of Florence, Volfagli was founded, a textile industry specialised in leather. The skill of the artisans and the all-Italian taste make it one of the most popular brands. The leather garments are conceived and made by the masters of Volfagli, for this reason, each piece is absolutely unrepeatable, both in the conception and in the manual creation, bringing softness and precious colours to the fabric, with an eye to wearability and refinement. In this all-Italian excellence, from cutting to packaging to plugging, all Volfagli garments, even the vintage ones, are 100% handmade with certified quality raw materials and Easycare methods to guarantee their durability even after washing and after many uses.

The various stages of leather processing are carried out entirely in Italy by professionals in the sector, respecting the environment and with sustainable methods, and in compliance with the rights of workers throughout the supply chain. A commitment that concerns the entire production process, from the relationship with suppliers to retail.

All raw materials are certified as being free from toxic or harmful substances. The company mission, from the idea of Marco Aglietti and Graziano Failli, is to always look for quality materials, create unique models and create inimitable garments.

Volfagli Jackets: a refined collection between elegance and practicality

The workhorse of the Volfagli company are the refined and elegant Jackets suitable for all seasons, from Bomber Jackets to Reversible Bomber Jackets, from Hooded Jackets to wide or tight pea coats, but always elegant and casual at the same time. The leather with which they are made is soft to the touch and of rare refinement. 

As far as the materials are concerned, we find a wide range that includes shearling, that is the skin of recently shorn lamb; wool fabrics such as Loro Piana Zelander; nylon linings to ensure the interior dry; the padding of the jackets is in real Cinelli goose down; chamois; linen and cotton for the summer; the Rain System fabrics are water repellent. The models are equipped with side pockets, double zip, double slider zip closure, many have hood or collar with lapels. All lambskins are hand-buffed by Volfagli master craftsmen and the garments are carefully treated. 

Volfagli is the guaranteed brand for those who want to refine their fashionable clothing without weighing down the outfit, for those who know how to appreciate a combination of elegance and sporty style, without sacrificing comfort.