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Zanone Clothing

Elegance has always been synonymous with Italian spirit and there are therefore many brands that offer clothing with a contemporary character , innovative fabric treatments and minimalist lines that still make the difference.

The brand Zanone it is considered among other things one of the most appreciated in the fashion sector and in particular in the knitwear sector wool And cotton for Man and Woman.

The history of the Zanone brand

Zanone is one of the brands of knitwear sector combined with garments of great value and created with equally noble yarns such as, for example, the silk and the cashmere therefore able to satisfy a wide range of male and female needs, all rigorously with style and contemporaneity.

The brand was born from the will of Alberto Zanone, specialized in the field of knitwear and who, in the 70s, came to the fore with the manufacturing of garments for the Della Rovere brand, combining design and quality.

However, real success in the fashion industry came in 1987 when he founded the brand that still bears his name today. Specifically, he is dedicated to the elaboration of yarn with a more linear and contemporary look, as for example with the knitwear made with combed fabrics. The continuous research mixed with the passion for it has among other things pushed the designer to look for new materials such as, for example, the yak fiber typical of Tibet.

The brand today is one of the most appreciated not only in Italy but in every corner of the world where there are many people who choose its refined garments.

The Italian excellence of the Zanone brand

The brand Zanone since the day of its foundation it has been offering clothing of the highest quality both in terms of finishes and fabrics.

Both contribute to the production of excellent materials thanks also to cutting-edge technology and which have made the brand one of the most innovative in the fashion field.

Continuous research and various types of experiments in terms of treatment of merino wool , cashmere , silk and details cotton fibers allow the brand's expert weavers to create garments with unique, original colors and with lots of attention to detail.

The latter are the requirements that have always and with stubbornness Alberto Zanone tries to guarantee with any type of processing that is created in its craft workshops.

The innovative knitwear of the Zanone brand

The brand Zanone with its garments it manages to satisfy the needs of men and women by offering both sexes yarns which, due to their uniqueness and perfection, have become a real cult in the field of fashion knitwear section .

For the men's collection it is worth mentioning the classic short-sleeved polo shirts made with a brand new type of cotton fiber known as Ice Cotton . In fact, this yarn gives freshness, lightness, is very easy to wash, does not shrink and keeps the color unchanged. It is obviously a summer garment that guarantees comfort and wearability as well as high quality.

There Ice Cotton fiber it was developed and patented by Zanone himself who, among other things, made it highly elastic and resistant, therefore able to withstand any type of stress without undergoing any structural deformation.

Zanone , a brand of quality and tradition that doesn't hesitate to dare and experiment with methods and wearability that are always in step with the times.