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Fedeli Cashmere made in italy

Fedeli declines fine wool in all possible ways, from hats to scarves, passing through excellent knitwear that has made him famous all over the world.

The brand that made the history of Italian knitwear

Luigi Fedeli founded the brand in 1934 in Monza and in 1948 he opened his first shop on via Montenapoleone in Milan. The production is exclusively focused on cashmere knitwear and goes through the 1900s to get to the present day, never changing your mind. In 2018 it formed a partnership with the Park family of Parco International and opens eight boutiques in South Korea.

The sweater, in all its forms, is the flagship garment of the Lombard house and above all cashmere, its banner: crewneck, turtleneck, zipper, pullover, cardigan and waistcoats are the main models of the brand. The beauty of these sweaters consists of dressing the man with a second skin, the lines are soft and sinuous, perfect for enhancing an athletic body.

The other fabrics used are cotton and jersey wool for the shirts and suede for the jackets. Even the outwear follows the same spirit: cashmere and suede for blazers and coats, jackets and bombers that fit slim but guarantee comfort and warmth.

Cashmere also triumphs among the accessories that those who wear Fedeli cannot do without, surely there are caps and scarves: soft and colourful, they complete the look and shelter from the cold with style.

The Fedeli man is elegant but sporty, who loves to wear fine clothes but without getting too noticed, has a no-frills character and is decidedly chic.