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The icon in the world of the Sprayground Bag

Among the various companies operating on the international market both online and traditional, the Sprayground stands out. It was created to highlight inspiration, details and the set of shades in unison, managing to perfectly combine design and fashion.

Sprayground Brand History

The Sprayground company was born in 2010 in the States thanks to the intuition of two business partners, David Ben David and Eddie Shabot, who decided to change their look with the intent of making them more joyful and easily customisable than the previous collections. The worldwide success achieved by the brand became such when in 2011 Sprayground launched the Money Stacks Backpack, which is highly appreciated by athletes and various celebrities from all over the world. In the footsteps of the success of this article, the founders in the period from 2012 to 2018 have subsequently expanded their stores not only in the United States but also in other continents including Italy.

Sprayground has also further developed its product line by creating Suitcases, Outwear, specific Accessories for the cold, Keyrings, Bags and Backpacks. On the sidelines, it should also be added that recently the brand launched the patented Wing backpack with the manufacture using 3D printing techniques.

Today Sprayground has evolved into a global brand that has a high awareness of its ability, thanks also to the many fans who compete to get their hands on the best models of design bags resulting from the creativity of the founders and which continue day by day to keep an eye on the future.

The fascinating creations of Sprayground

Durability, resistance and longevity are the foundations of quality that distinguish the Sprayground brand. The classic Bags, for example, are designed to be used by women daily and to enrich their personal look, while the backpacks have been created for those who love daily adventures and free time. In both cases, functional compartments for storing headphones, sunglasses, laptops, tablets and much more are just some examples of these ergonomic accessories that make everyday mobility easy.

The main collections of the Sprayground brand

Among the many models of backpacks that represent the flagship of the Sprayground brand it is worth mentioning the one called Sharkflower DLX, inside there is a separate specific compartment to store sunglasses, while the back padding is in mesh, Ergonomic type and the straps are then adjustable for custom sizes. Another highlight is the Sprayground Authentic Range, whose floral design represents a unique and distinctive detail for the entire collection.

The American brand also offers elegant shoulder bags, also printed with pretty floral decorations and which include a keychain mirror with the Sprayground logo. This model, which is also part of the Sharkflower line, is proposed, among other things, with an upper opening equipped with a zip and a double handle, while the interiors are in printed cotton and have an organiser pocket also with a zip.

Sprayground is configured as a gritty brand in step with the times, indeed a precursor. A fashion idea that fully expresses the dynamism of those who choose it, wear it, live it.