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Men's Fashion: How to dress in summer, elegance and casual.

In recent years the men's fashion it has undergone an extraordinary evolution, so much so that fashion extravaganzas have also invested the male universe. The freedom of style, through which a man...

Men's fashion: the perfect style for the summer

Does not exist the perfect outfit , in reality there are garments that never go out of style, such as men's suit, which can certainly be worn with many variations and in several seasons.

Some tips for those wearing a men's suit:

Right length of the jacket, soft and according to the trends of the moment;
Jacket with straight sleeves from shoulders to cuff;
Last button of the jacket always open;
Vest just on the belt;
Waist pants;
The tie must not exceed the waist and must be thin and essential;

    In addition to suits, in summer man also loves to wear jeans with soft linen shirt untucked, sneakers or flip flops . In addition, the sea man has a variety of shorts And costumes in the most varied colors, from bright ones, to classic blue or white, up to fantasy colors, with variable lengths that reach the knee or above. Costumes worn as shorts in vacation spots or in the city, represent a garment to wear with t-shirt or shirt , flip flops or sneakers .

    Men's fashion: accessories

    Bags , trolley And hair they complete the refined and elegant look of the fashionable man. Finally, the sneakers they have now become an indispensable element, in your free time but also at work. Many combine them with the suit, precisely because they can be formal, but not too much in classic colors such as black or navy blue, and both light and dark gray. The shoes might seem like a minor detail, however, they represent a decisive detail in choosing the look. Furthermore, attention must be paid to the material and color, as well as to the model and above all knowing how to combine them perfectly with the chosen outfit.

    Finally, caps with visors to wear for a walk and to protect yourself from the sun are an accessory that completes fresh and sporty clothing.


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