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Women's outfit: the right combination for every occasion

Social networks have been the springboard for many fashion brands and fashion Influencers, which today are worth staggering figures, just think of the most famous: Chiara Ferragni. Every day, these...

Women's outfit: the basic tips to follow

First of all, the main advice is to never go against your nature, and choose clothing that reflect both our character and physical conformation. Women's clothing offers many possibilities and variations, which manage to enhance the different physical characteristics of each woman. Particular attention is important to give it to the choice of colors; in fact, it is known that some colors are suitable for our complexion or for the color of the hair and eyes. In general, bright colors or classics such as blue and white are better suited to brown skin, while for a fair complexion, light colors such as beige, pale pink, but also turquoise, peach and purple are good.

Today, it is not necessary to attend fashion shows to get ideas on the most fashionable and suitable clothing for a certain occasion. The Socials they have become the transposition of reality, so it is enough to consult a few pages or a website to find the right inspiration. The basic rules are few but fundamental:

Match up to three colors;
Consider what type of event we will participate in (meeting, job interview, aperitif, shopping, walk, fitness);
Indulge your own forms;
Choosing quality, versatile and evergreen garments.

      Women's clothing and accessories

      If there is something that makes our look unique, it's the accessories, and of course how we use them. Therefore, they should never be missing in a woman's wardrobe bags , scarves, but also necklaces, earrings , bracelets , glasses and everything that can serve to give a touch of originality to our look. A well-chosen and perfectly matched accessory can really make the difference on any type of clothing. Often even a simple and sporty outfit, like a T-shirt or one Shirt worn on a jeans , can come out of anonymity, if you add a spot-on accessory and turn into an interesting look.

      How to choose the perfect look for every occasion

      Following one's taste and above all one's style we can dress for every occasion in this way:

      Morning Graduation or Wedding: Business suit or pants and white shirt;
      Birthday party: colorful short dress;
      Walk or guided tour: jeans with shirt and sneakers;
      Job interview or Meeting: Skirt or trousers and jacket

        To never be wrong, you need to follow your instincts, even after taking a cue and accepting advice from others. Technical tests are never a waste of time, you have to try and try again the different combinations, look in the mirror in search of the right inspiration. Women's clothing and the right outfit are also a matter of sensations, in particular the emotion of feeling good with clothes suitable for an occasion, an event and above all for one's personality.


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