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Parka: timeless style for him

Used since ancient times by the Inuit populations to protect themselves from the cold, parka are still today the undisputed stars of men's fashion for winter. From the uniform of American soldiers to the must-have garment for young sixty-eight-year-olds and 90s boys, this outerwear has survived the passing of fashions unscathed, remaining a cult piece capable of combining style and functionality. The current models have been skilfully revisited by contemporary stylists in the light of new wearability trends. Even the materials with which they are made have changed: no longer seal or bear fur, but the latest generation of technical fabrics, together with warm wool or feather padding. What remains unchanged in men's parka is the extreme ability to keep the body dry and warm in any climatic situation, even the most extreme. The full-length zips, padded hoods and practical large side pockets, which in some models also appear on the chest, complete the garment.