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Men's ankle boots the resistance of a evergreen

The Men's ankle boots they are footwear versatile , light and at the same time resistant , with a hard sole and rounded heel and toe that give it the extreme comfort that characterizes it. The fabric that best accompanies it is undoubtedly suede in its natural sand-colored shade. However, over the years the expansion of fashion has meant that it has become the subject of style experimentation, which has given it variety and versatility. On Crush Store you will find the brands that best express the essence of the timeless desert boot .

Ankle boots: i Desert Boots with a vintage taste

The Men's ankle boots , also known as Desert Boots (desert boots), took their rise in popularity after becoming the footwear of the British army. In fact, the inventor of the ankle boot, having lived a military youth, used his experience to apply it to the family footwear company. Thus was born, from the genius of Nathan Clark, the iconic "desert boot".

But it was the Sixties that consecrated the fashion of ankle boots, in fact they became the symbol of a gritty generation that jostled during student protests. They still keep theirs today vintage and lived-in taste , perfect for those who love to be always on the go. Indestructible and comfortable shoes, definitely in step with the times.