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K-Way, born on a rainy day

It was the year 1965 and Leon Claude Duhamel was sitting in a Paris bar watching the rain. At that moment, he had the idea of using nylon, used for umbrellas, and making a useful jacket in rain and wind. In just one day, the innovative rainproof garment was born and the company that everyone still knows today. The name was born from the desire to have a practical and easy to remember term and, without knowing it, the name of the brand gave life to what then became synonymous with the word "waterproof".

Between the 70s and 80s, the brand's greatest fortune arrives, with the interest in fashion for bright colours and sportswear. K-way jackets and coats already have all this and in this period other functional details are added such as zip pockets or hood.

In 1992 the brand was acquired by Pirelli and then sold three years later and finally bought by the Turin-based BasicNetgroup, specialised in casual fashion, which gave K-way a whole new identity. Until then, the brand's jackets and all the garments produced were considered sportswear.

Since the early 2000s, with outwear that has changed its essence, technical fabrics are no longer intended only for sportswear: K-way relocated itself to an area that is close to that of luxury garments. Today the brand, in addition to classic raincoats, able to fit in your pocket, offers a wide range of products including sweaters, caps and suitcases.

The real strength of the brand has been to adapt to the changing times and needs of people. Today K-way jackets are worn daily by thousands of people and not just on rainy days. Despite this, the brand has always maintained its personal identity, never forgetting that rainy day in Paris to which it owes its origins.

A garment you can't do without

The K-Way collection is made up of colourful, fun and practical garments. The waterproof, light and breathable fabric makes the brand's jackets perfect to accompany excursions, adventures or simple walks in the city.

The slim design and the non-creasing fabric allow you to store jackets, raincoats and down jackets in the practical zip pocket, allowing you to always carry them with you in your bag or backpack and use them in case of need.

The versatility of K-way knows no bounds, so much so that it will be practically impossible not to find a model that is right for you, each with its own features and peculiarities.

K-way men's jackets are perfect for mountain excursions, at high altitudes, even when temperatures are very low. The fact that you always have the jacket with you, stored in your backpack, allows you to live your experiences without worrying about adverse weather or cold.

Jackets for men and women, raincoats and K-way jackets are the ideal companions even in the city, both on vacation and in free time.

With them, it will be possible to enjoy the walks in the centre without fear of temperature changes or sudden rains.

K-way is the passe-partout brand that allows you to buy functional, comfortable, a versatile garment with a simple but refined design, perfect to wear on all occasions.

K way Store

K-Way Store is a brand specialized in light and waterproof jackets and outdoor clothing. Their products are made from high quality materials and are designed to be functional as well as stylish. K-Way Store jackets are compressible, which means they can be folded into a small pouch and easily carried in a bag or backpack. The brand offers a wide range of colors and styles, from classic to more modern designs. In addition to jackets, K-Way also sells other outdoor clothing and accessories, such as backpacks and hats.