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Kiton: the legend of Made in Italy in the world

Arzano, on the outskirts of Naples, is where it all begins for Ciro Paone, who realised his dream of opening a men's haute couture workshop: 45 years later, that workshop would become a one hundred million euro company with a brand, Kiton, known all over the world.

Kiton: the legend of Made in Italy in the world

Kiton means "ketone" and was the ceremonial tunic that the ancient Greeks wore to pray to the Olympians. And the story of this brand is truly divine, which was born in 1968 and sees its production expand all over the world, maintaining the flag of artisanal tailoring. Kiton entirely controls its production chain, from fabrics to the finished product and produces its clothes strictly by hand. For this reason, the brand weaves only 18,000 suits each year made by 45 tailors who work to create real high fashion jewels. The men's suit is this brand's must-have and the most famous is the K-50 which takes about fifty hours of work and costs over 50,000 dollars.

Each suit is cut and tacked by hand, from the sleeve to the buttonhole and, once sewn, is ironed with the iron of the ancient tradition. The ironing takes place with the classic combination of "damp cloth and hot iron": in this way all the natural softness of the fabric is maintained.

From the classic men's suit to the innovation of the deconstructed Jacket

The genius of the Kiton brand explores new techniques and new wearability for their garments. A shining example of this study is the deconstructed jacket: the effect is that of a sweater, the fit that of a pullover but the style remains that of a Kiton jacket. Made with impalpable wool and cashmere, it is completely unlined and without straps: thanks to the skilled hand of the tailor, it is even possible to solve the problem of asymmetry that everyone has. Real buttonholes, handmade and strictly open. The pockets are applied and the result is as cozy and comfortable as a glove.

Not only the classic style is an excellence of the volcanic genius of the Kiton minds, but all sportswear, jeans, ties, shirts, sweaters and shoes: different styles but all united by the same mastery in the realisation, in which nothing is obvious or trivial but everything is done with the same care.

There are no accessories other than a line of sophisticated travel bag: the final touch of class for men definitely out of the ordinary.