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Luxury Boutique & Contemporary Store which, for over thirty years, has been offering its customers the best of casual and elegant fashion.

Characterized by great attention to trends and the quality of materials in the choice of the proposed brands, it stands as an absolute reference for men's fashion in Southern Italy and, mainly, in Campania, home to its historic Porcaro stores.

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The constant search for new and interesting brands and markets has led to the birth of the Crush Store portal, the digital wing of the company which aims to broaden the audience of customers to be welcomed into the large family of Porcaro fashion, so that it can become, everywhere, a firm for all lovers of the latest trends and timeless classics.

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Crush Store is research, luxury of historic brands, always up-to-date sportswear, sophisticated and original products.
The must haves that meet the new proposals.
It's premium fashion tailored to you. The store you won't be able to do without anymore.

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