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Beach towels

Beach towels: essential beach accessories

The beach towel it is one of the indispensable accessories to enjoy the days on the beach, together with an umbrella and sunglasses. In addition to its remarkable functionality, which allows us to dry off after swimming in the sea and lie down on the sand, the beach towel can become a real style accessory.

So how to choose the Beach Towel? You have to take a look at colors and fabrics: from classic plain towels, to stripes, to cartoon prints for the little ones, you come across a wide range of patterns.

As far as fabrics are concerned, however, the most classic beach towels are terry cloth, but microfibre beach towels, soft to the touch and quick drying, and cotton beach towels are also very popular nowadays. To add a touch of class there may be fringes on the short sides.

Furthermore, the choice can be made between a single beach towel and a double beach towel, for those who want to share beach life with friends or partners.

On Crush Store excellent quality beach towels are available, useful for preparing for the summer and to be packed together with the swimsuit to go on an adventure!