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Corneliani is synonymous with savoir faire. The Mantuan brand is a flagship of Made in Italy, whose history begins in the 1930s from the sartorial tradition to evolve into a combination of classicism and innovation.

Corneliani: from Mantua to the conquest of men's fashion

The brand was founded in 1930 when Alfredo Corneliani founded a family business that exclusively produces raincoats and coats. The outbreak of the Second World War however shattered the dreams of this pioneer of men's fashion but, thanks to his children, Corneliani was reborn in 1958. From that moment the brand expands from the United States and becomes a symbol of quality and refinement, of craftsmanship and modernity.

It is the men's suit that best represents the characteristics of the brand: it is Corneliani who dictates the rules of elegance, not following trends but sensing the spirit of the times to translate it into jackets, belts, dresses and accessories with a unique and recognisable cut.

The last chapter of Corneliani's history is enriched by the Circle collection: a new way of conceiving fashion towards an eco-sustainable awareness, which produces zero-impact products, with high-tech materials designed in respect of the environment and territoriality, for a man who knows how to combine savoir-faire with savoir-vivre.

Suits, belts and jackets: the elegant and modern man wears Corneliani

Prince of Wales, wool, pinstripe, houndstooth: these are the precious fabrics with which the suits are made, which pass through the skilled hands of tailors who, even today, finish the garment by hand. It is the classic elegant suit declined in all its variants to be the iconic symbol of the world-famous brand.

For the most special occasions, Corneliani is the signature of excellence for the tuxedo and the half-tight: symbols in turn of the top of elegance, they can only be made by skilled hands who also tailor their creations.

To complete an elegant, but also casual look, there are the Corneliani Belts, made with different materials and colours, essential and easy to combine with any kind of outfit.

Corneliani also stands out in its jacket's line: they are available in the quilted nylon or wool knitted version, classic and elegant, perfectly in line with the style of the brand and available in different colours.

The feeling that comes from Corneliani garments is a fil rouge of class and luxury that is always expressed discreetly, never over the top, whatever the product in which it is revealed, giving those who decide to wear the brand an aura of uniqueness and unmistakable character.