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Ero Jacket Clothing Made in Italy

Ero Jacket is a strictly Italian product, conceived after careful research on lines and materials and created by the skilful artisan tradition, a feature that makes a simple item of clothing a unique creation.

In fact, Ero Jacket transforms fabrics with a classic look into techno structures, i.e. warm and comfortable materials able to protect from the cold, enveloping the body as in a warm embrace that gives comfort and practicality. The experimentation and commitment made over the years have led our team of professionals to create innovative fabrics that have contributed to differentiating Ero Jacket more than ever.

From this season to the iconic “Cuore di Panno”, “Tecno-Panno”, Velouroma and Mucko we add the new concept of Panno, the “PannoRoma”, thus completing our research and experiments in the wool field. The latter modernizes the characteristics of the historic cloth that we all know, maintaining its main properties, but making it pleasantly soft to the touch and even more comfortable to wear. The added value of this fabric is the practicality of its lightness, which makes the garment extremely warm, soft and easy to wear.

Suitable for any occasion. The philosophy of Ero Jacket sees experimentation and quality as essential elements to revisit and update what magical and elegant we have inherited from the past