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Stewart Leather jackets Made in Italy

The Stewart brand was born in Tuscany in 1975 where the production of leather garments is renowned and sought after.

All the products made by Stewart enjoy an ancient and true history, the craftsmanship linked to the tradition of the country. The Tuscan lands are in fact the commercial and production pole of leather processing, and here the story of Stewart and its rigorously made in Italy products was born.

Craftsmanship and deep roots

The leather garments made in the Stewart collection (Stewart jackets, jackets, outerwear, etc.) are all handcrafted with scrupulous attention to detail.

The vintage and authentic cut gives each piece an unmistakable beauty linked to the artifact, a unique piece in the world. The secrets and manual skills of leather processing are handed down from generation to generation within the company.

Thanks to the craftsmanship, each Stewart leather jacket is designed to last over time, age and acquire beauty and charm at the same time.