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MC2 Saint Barth

Saint Barth, a contracted form of Saint Barthélemy, an island in the Antilles immersed in the unspoiled nature of the Caribbean, is the birthplace of this brand, which was born as beachwear and then expanded its collection to a casual style for all seasons and the whole family.

MC2 Saint Barth: a story of sun, sea and snow!

The idea of creating a line of swimwear for everyone, inspired by the crystalline sea, the white sand and the corals of this elegant and refined corner of paradise, was born in 1994 from the idea of two young entrepreneurs with experience in textiles. To call their creation after the first plane that flew from St. Martin to the island.

The single-brand store on Saint Barth is built in the style of Caribbean houses and a story that will conquer the whole world starts from this small reality.

In the face of the success achieved with a pure summer line, the brand decides to extend its range of action also to winter clothing: it, therefore, begins to produce outfits suitable for cold places and the mountains and its patterned sweater becomes a status symbol.

In particular, the men's collection features ironic and funny drawings and writings, representative of the mountain atmosphere and the most famous ski slopes. MC2 Saint Barth opens up to prestigious collaborations with Disney, Universal, Star Wars, Peanuts, Superga, to name a few and thus manages to produce witty and elegant garments at the same time, for the whole family. The MC2 Saint Barth man is therefore sporty and young, even in the soul, who enjoys himself always with style and taste thanks to the use of precious materials with which the garments of the brand are made.

Men's collection: a lifestyle of imagination, creativity and joy

The men's collection of the company best expresses its characteristics in the autumn-winter production. Fun is guaranteed with the patterned sweater. For fans of the ski slopes, here are the prints of a series of iconic places such as Cortina, Saint Moritz, Courmayeur. And again irreverent writings such as Aprés WhiSKY, Snowboard is dead, Champagne & Montagne, Chalet & Vin Brulé: all expressions of the light-hearted style that is inspired by fun in the snow, a goliardic and young way of expressing oneself on cashmere blended fabrics, because sympathy does not it is in no way at odds with the quality.

Sweatshirts, sweaters, t-shirts, but also outwear and accessories: in this sense, production is based on a careful choice of materials that must adequately protect from the elements.

Beachwear & Underwear

MC2 Saint Barth was born under the sun and therefore the classy summer garments that characterise the brand cannot be missing. A special mention goes to linen, declined in all its forms, from T-shirt to shirt, from Bermuda shorts to the inevitable shirt: a classic of elegance and style. And then obviously the swimwear created with multicolour prints inspired by the Caribbean, a must-have for the refined beach man.
The brand chooses not to miss anything and therefore also produces underwear, in its own way: with Halloween prints, ducks, pigs. As usual for the young man, fashionable, but who doesn't take himself too seriously.

MC2 women's swimsuits are swimwear designed specifically for women. They can vary in different styles, cuts and fabrics. Some of the more common types of women's swimwear include:

Bikini: A two-piece swimsuit, a top and bottoms with a low or high waist.

One Piece Swimsuit: A bathing suit that covers the entire body, usually with a V or sweetheart neckline.

In general, women's swimsuits are designed to suit different body types, personal tastes, and activities.