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Belts: functionality and style

There Belt is an accessory simple but essential , which cannot be missing in the wardrobe of a person of any age. Its versatility makes it easy to combine with any look: it is no longer a strictly functional accessory, but a real style complement.

Depending on your outfit and your taste, you can choose the right belt from a wide range of materials and colors. We also need to pay attention to the choice of buckle: shiny or opaque, simple or worked, there is something for all tastes.

Crush Store Belts

Crush Store offers various models and colors of belts, selected from the collection of Corneliani .

Here you can find belts of different models including classic belts, rounded belts and double face ones. Corneliani's colors focus on a classic and refined style: blue, dark brown, ebony and black are among the choices of the Made in Italy brand.

As for the materials, top quality, Corneliani belts are made with calfskin, on which essential but refined buckles in eco-brass and palladium are set.

The Corneliani belts they are a must of Made in Italy clothing!