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ASPESI Clothing

ASPESI was founded by Alberto Aspesi in 1969 as a brand specialized in the production of shirts. At a time when the reference model in the fashion industry were the Parisian haute couture houses, the Italian prêt-à-porter industry decided to focus instead on the research of materials, a new concept of elegance and wearability , suggesting new horizons to explore.

ASPESI has evolved in this scenario, distinguishing itself for a strong proposal not only of a relevant aesthetic value, but also of wearability and functionality. At the end of the 70s, ASPESI expanded its line, creating collections for both men and women and establishing collaborations with important stylists such as Franco Moschino, Walter Albini and Marco Zanini.

ASPESI's success is linked to the combination of iconic, timeless garments and the constant search for the most innovative and unexpected materials: the meticulous and constant research of fabrics has in fact always been at the center of ASPESI's essence. The always unconventional and innovative approach dedicated to the product is manifested in various artistic collaborations, starting from the advertising campaigns of ASPESI, which has always chosen photographers capable of capturing and interpreting the spirit of the brand.