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Manifattura Paoloni Spa has acquired and relaunched the Manuel Ritz brand through a decisive strategy aimed at building a strong and coherent brand awareness, developing growing investments in research and development and marketing activities. At the same time, an important brand extension process was implemented, thus accrediting the brand as a dynamic and original total look in menswear to then launch the women's collection in 2019.

The need to make recognition more immediate and at the same time maintain the distinctive aspects and history, meant that the brand was changed to Manuel Ritz in 2008.

Each collection in its own exhibition space reflecting the stylistic soul of the brand

The display forms of the Manuel Ritz men's collection in fact express the concept of elegance revisited in a softer perspective, thanks to a harmony between rigorous forms and references to icons of Italian classicism that are reinterpreted through furnishing elements. The palette of materials features brass and black viroc as protagonists, while teal green and red colored glasses with transparent glasses alternate in the space with neutral colours.