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Le Pandorine bags

LE PANDORINE, a brand born in 2008, in recent years has become the symbol of women who ironically display their bags, no longer just as the most loved accessory but as a manifesto of their personality. Sensitivity, acumen and intelligence distinguish all the collections and the bag, object of female desire, communicates the personality of the wearer. Various models to meet different needs, colors ranging from neutral to brighter ones, precise messages of great strength that express women's ability to 'live life with enthusiasm and lightness'. Women from all over the world and their lives are the source of inspiration for the messages and claims that distinguish the original creations of LE PANDORINE.

Obsessive attention to detail, careful research of the most innovative materials, attention to detail allow the production of creations that, in addition to aesthetics, also favor functionality: shoulder bags, backpacks and handbags accompany women at different times of their day and become the faithful travel, work and leisure companions.

Pandorine clutch bag

The elegant and modern Pochette from the Le Pandorine design brand is the perfect accessory for any occasion and can be used to store all your necessities. Its unique design features a range of vibrant colours, making it the perfect piece for any outfit. The Pandora clutch is also incredibly affordable, with prices starting at just . With its beautiful design and convenient size, the Pandora clutch is sure to become your favorite accessory for any occasion!