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Peuterey Outlet on Crush Store

From Mont Blanc to the hearts of people

Peuterey is a brand born in 1996, whose name is inspired by one of the crests of Mont Blanc, where earth and sky meet creating a magical atmosphere. The three dots of the brand logo are the stylised representation of that wonderful place to which it owes its name.

In a very short time, Peuterey has managed to establish itself in the field of fashion thanks to winter clothing, combining the desire to follow trends with the functionality of these garments that must be comfortable and warm, practical and resistant.

Peuterey has always based its philosophy on the production of high-quality clothing, jackets and down jackets, capable of lasting over time. This allows you to experience fashion with greater awareness, offering products made following timeless lines and designs, perfectly balancing the needs of the fashion trend with a careful choice of quality materials.

Peuterey garments can boast a recognisable identity combined with excellent functionality. Clothing is first of all a necessity, as well as being something to wear to represent the individual's personality.

The Peuterey brand offers functional clothes that can comfortably dress people. The idea is to offer customers useful clothing but at the same time beautiful to look at, with a soul of its own that does not allow itself to be influenced by time and rapidly changing trends. Simple designs, clear shapes and functional details are the beating heart that gives life to the Peuterey lines where comfort, modern design and practicality are made available to people through versatile products, able to dress them appropriately on every occasion.

The brand, proudly all Italian, today operates on an international scale, so much so that it has even conquered the windows of the most prestigious shopping places in the world.

The down jacket that made history

The Guardian jacket is undoubtedly the most iconic garment of the brand, the one that made Peuterey famous all over the world and that still reflects the brand's philosophy at its best. It is a very warm long down jacket, made for men and women with a line and a design capable of highlighting male and female silhouettes.

This garment is ideal for an outdoor walk, as well as allowing you to experience metropolitan contexts to the fullest. In a very short time, the Guardian was able to win everyone's heart, becoming the company's symbolic product and one of the most purchased, becoming a real bestseller in Europe first and then in the world.

Peuterey jackets and down jackets are made with resistant materials, skilfully worked to create comfortable and beautiful garments. The padding in real goose down allows you to warm the body while maintaining a constant temperature even in the coldest winters. Peuterey is the ideal brand for those who want to wear practical and comfortable clothing without sacrificing a neat appearance.

The outerwear, sweaters, jackets, down jackets and all the garments proposed by the company are multi-functional and extremely versatile, perfect for any climatic condition.

By choosing Peuterey you will always have the certainty of wearing a type of clothing that will allow you to feel at ease. The brand is aimed at men and women of all ages, who love nature and the mountains and who want to experience it to the fullest in all seasons.

Peuterey outfits revolve around active and dynamic lifestyles and for this reason, they are made up of casual lines ideal for a more urban style from the city, while remaining the right companions even in more naturalistic contexts such as the high mountains, always in the heart ( and in the name) of Peuterey.