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Kired is a clothing line of the Wonderland Srl company, presented in 2015 at Pitti in Florence. The line combines sartorial excellence with refined fabrics to produce modern garments that perfectly combine artisan tradition and casual and sporty style.

The history of Kired

The Wonderland Srl company was founded in 1986 on the outskirts of Parma, immediately committing itself to the creation of a stylistic imprint that can express elegance while not giving up the concept of sportswear. The products arouse attention in consumers, the manufacturer thrives and expands with the arrival of new excellences, with the entry into the Kiton group and with the inauguration of a new and large factory, containing innovative technologies essential for impeccable product processing. The Kired brand was conceived at a later time by corporate intuition and immediately promises to be the most ambitious project of the whole company. The general manager is Corrado Talignani who has been working in the textile sector for about 40 years and is supported by a large team of artisans who carry out every work of the production process by hand.

The Kired style: jackets for every occasion

The Kired collection is mainly oriented to the research and enhancement of the best possible materials. Initially, it specialised, above all, in leather processing: the starting material of the artistic project of the manufacturer that will become famous precisely for the innovative processes implemented on these fibres.

The choice of garments mainly includes trench coats, jackets, coats and raincoats, all aimed at sportswear and a mainly casual and informal style.

But at Kired this experimentation is incessant and, recently, the products have embraced new materials such as, for example, drop repellent cashmere and technical fabrics, the result of the competence acquired by stylists and the numerous trips around the world made by entrepreneurs.

All the garments are completely Made in Italy, pass the scrutiny of numerous quality controls, see their distinctive trademark in the attention to detail (from the seams to the internal lined pockets, from the manually injected goose down padding to the zip in nickel and not in plastic) and are subjected to innovative treatments (they are thermo-welded and lasered) that make them completely waterproof and, especially for some, totally seamless.

The mission of the Kired line focused on the union between elegance and practicality of use, allows you to clearly identify the target audience: businessmen, professionals who move around the city and who prefer comfort and functionality, not wanting to give up on style and a characterising aesthetic impact.

Kired is therefore a brand for the user who, in his discretion and elegance, wants to dress comfortably while feeling, at the same time, wrapped in a garment of high exclusivity and refinement.