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Sartoria Latorre Made in Italy

Sartoria Latorre is the emblem of a long and characterising Italian artisan tradition, a symbol of an excellent tailoring present above all in Southern Italy.

The history of Sartoria Latorre

Having Neapolitan tailoring as a point of reference in 1965 Michele Latorre started a small local business by establishing a production laboratory in Locorotondo, in the splendid Val d'Itria in Puglia.

The journey has just begun, but the foresight of the founder allowed him to see beyond the walls of his region by drawing on the weight and prestige of Italian haute couture, which made Made in Italy international excellence in terms of quality in this sector.

Sartoria Latorre became a family-run company, representing art and knowledge to be handed down from father to son: this is how the team expanded and is strengthened by young entrepreneurs with an ambitious and sparkling spirit who will have the merit of enhancing the artistic and productive background promoting it as a symbol of the nation all over the world.

The company currently has stores on all continents and is strongly active in the United States, Russian and Japanese markets.

Yet, such a widespread diffusion did not mean a loss of roots: the company produces all its garments in Locorotondo and acts as an important hub for the development and enhancement of the territory.

The style and products of the Sartoria

The products of Sartoria Latorre are the result of times and paths that go far beyond mere production: each creation brings with it complex know-how kept by the artisans present at the headquarters, young or old, who have been trained by the company with long field learning and practicum modules.

Their passion is manifested in the care of the design, in the design of the models, in the meticulous attention to detail, in the handcrafting. Dexterity is central to Latorre production, but this is accompanied by in-depth research towards innovation in the production cycle, to develop and work with the most recent technologies that help enhance the perfection of cuts, wearability and ideas of stylists.

All this does not lead to a maximisation of quantities, but a refinement of quality: each garment passes through the screening of about 200 steps to arrive at its completion.

The production is exclusive and unique in each piece and focuses on Suits, blazers, coats with a formal but modern style, with materials ranging from cotton to linen, from wool to silk.

The main target of Sartoria Latorre is made up of very demanding consumers in terms of quality and exclusivity. The garments made of natural and sustainable materials make them perfect not only for special occasions but also for everyday life, given the sporty and modern cut of many of the models in the collections.