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Flower MOUNTAIN shoes for women and men

Flower MOUNTAIN is a brand that draws inspiration from the cycles of nature, formulating creative ideas based on motifs typical of the natural world.

Flower MOUNTAIN was born thanks to the meeting of Mr. Keisuke Ota from Tokyo and Mr. Yang Chao from Beijing, united by a passion for mountain trekking, music and, naturally, for footwear. The resulting friendship pushes them to embark on a journey together on the occasion of the "Fuji Rock Festival", right on Mount Fuji of the same name in Japan. There they begin to design a functional and eye-catching designer Flower MOUNTAIN shoes.

In 2015, with the collaboration of Federica Wang, the two first founded the Dandelion mountaineering association and then the Breath Design co. Ltd Tokyo, thus starting to work on their first collection. ShoesBar in Beijing and HPF in Tokyo embrace the project, which is also enthusiastically received by the public. In 2016 the Breath Design team joins forces with ShoesBar and the Italian company Falc, taking Flower MOUNTAIN to the next level and introducing it to international markets.

From this union a new working team was born which boasts strong technical and production know-how with Italian headquarters and tradition, as well as a group of marketing experts and an efficient international distribution network.