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Parramatta Cashmere Sweaters


The history of the Parramatta knitwear brand is the story of a family, of its passion and of a long tradition of craftsmanship.

The background to this history and Italian excellence is Terre Roveresche, a municipality in the Marches and more precisely in the Montefeltro formed by 4 main castles and many hamlets straddling the Metauro and Cesano valleys. A territory rich in Art, History and Culture.

Founded in 1920, the Parramatta brand proudly bears the logo of a horse, or rather that of a mare.

In the 1920s, the horse was a symbol of strength, courage and authority and the founder of the brand loved them so much that he owned a beautiful and capricious horse that seemed crazy: hence the name Parramatta.

A lover of racing - thanks to attendance at the most famous English racetracks from Ascot to Goodwood, from Newbury to Windsor - one day, near Bradford, he met a cashmere knitwear manufacturer who was able to pass on to him the passion for this wonderful yarn which, combined with taste for beauty led him to found a brand that produced cashmere sweaters and unique things for style and quality.

So today, 100 years later, Parramatta is a knitwear brand made with particularly fine yarns, capable of paying the utmost attention to fashion trends, while always remaining faithful to a refined and elegant taste.

In addition to the best wool and the purest cashmere as well as exclusive cottons and linen, Parramatta also produces a limited series in 100% camel yarn: a precious and rare fiber able to protect from heat and cold with a very high water-repellent capacity.