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Sun68 Clothing Made in Italy

Not a brand, a revolution: the story of Sun68

Sun68 is an Italian casual clothing brand that places people's needs at the centre of the entire creative process, with particular attention to the materials and details of the garments it produces. The history of the brand begins in 2005 from an idea by Enrico Spinazzè, eager to overcome the stereotyped canons of fashion and to communicate through it the changes that society and customs have experienced over time.

Well, the name chosen refers to the 1968 Movement, the socio-cultural phenomenon that took place in the years at the turn of 1968, in which mass movements, socially heterogeneous, manifested the strong charge of protest against the apparatuses of dominant powers and their ideologies. The number 68 that appears in this brand is the symbol of evolution and renewal, and for the company, it was a sort of declaration, that of wanting to change the way of understanding fashion.

Sun68 starts from a vintage polo shirt up to nowadays one million Garments a year distributed in more than 1,300 points of sale. In particular, it is a brand that started only from a small mono-product company in Noventa di Piave, in the province of Venice, whose roots currently cover a vast area. It has been defined as one of the youngest clothing companies to boast record growth in just a few years, whose distribution in Italy is now managed by about 20 multi-brand agencies around the country, in addition to the customers, it now boasts throughout Europe.

The success of Sun68 has its roots in the stubbornness of experimentation and in an innovation that ignores the rules of the fashion market. The brand's philosophy consists in seeing people no longer as final consumers, but finally as the centre of a creative process.

Wear Sun68

Sun68 is aimed at a huge audience, men and women, as well as children. Their shoes are emblematic, distinguished by the well-known brand: an isosceles triangle followed by an X. This garment has indeed become a must-have in recent years, thanks to the perfect combination of colour ranges and their versatility. These are footwear to be worn to obtain an inimitable casual look, as well as a sporty one, perhaps combined with one of the Sun68 Sweatshirts.

The brand's offer is truly differentiated between Men's Knitwear there are Polo Shirts, T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Sweaters. Careful in following the changes from generation to generation, the t-shirts show current, fun and irreverent prints.

Even in the basic version these lines are highly appreciated for their being simple, but at the same time recognisable above all thanks to the presence of the iconic logo represented by a triangle and an X, an unmistakable reference to the world of video gaming. Among the Trousers, the models are committed to satisfying every attitude, starting from long pants, denim jeans, up to the more classic ones, perfect for a business meeting or an aperitif.

Sun68 knows how to make its customers happy day after day, in their everyday life.