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Passion, elegance and careful selection of materials are fundamental elements to create unique, classic and refined footwear. The Doucal's brand is a Marche-based company that in this sense has managed to combine them all, giving life to design artefacts, robust and with a timeless style worthy of the best Anglo-Saxon footwear tradition, but with an Italian spirit that enhances this ancient art.

Doucal's handcrafted footwear

The handcrafted footwear created with the use of the highest quality raw materials and with finishes that border the limits of perfection, alone explains the reasons for the success achieved by Doucal's brand. If this were not enough, it is important to underline that even the design characterised by warm velvets and woods together with brass mouldings such as the buckles give the shoes of the brand unparalleled elegance and refinement in the footwear sector, which has always been the flagship of the Italian manufacturing industry.

Buying shoes for men or women from the Doucal's line today, even if it is a typically English name, means dressing Italian and choosing the footwear that best suits your personality and taste, and above all with the awareness that they are made with the highest quality materials. Quality and with painstaking techniques.

The history of Doucal's shoe factory

In 1968, Mario Giannini expert craftsman in the manufacturing of shoes and leathers opened a workshop in the Marche where he builds the foundations of what will become one of the most prosperous companies in the footwear sector.

The Doucal company was founded in 1973, producing shoes of incomparable style and the highest quality. Mario Giannini in this sense puts his innate passion for this art into practice by going to Northampton, the city of shoes par excellence; it is no coincidence that there is an area of the city called the British Shoes Manufacturer district. The meeting with the local master craftsmen pushes him to make his small company even more productive to the point that returning to Italy he could produce footwear that for beauty, lightness and refinement have nothing to envy to the English ones.

Today progress is visible around the corner, thanks also to the involvement of their children who, with their entrepreneurial spirit, have made a small artisan workshop one of the most appreciated Italian industrial realities. Even today Mario Giannini proposes the design, and the children think about the realisation focusing on their knowledge and experience to put on the market products able to satisfy any need.

 The incomparable style of the Doucal's classic line

When it comes to Made in Italy shoes, the unrivalled Doucal's style knows no rivals. The flagship items of the brand are classic style shoes, present in different models, but whose common denominator are refinement and style. Designed for special occasions, but also for an everyday life that requires elegance, the classic line offers a wide range of products, for him and her. Doucal's shoes are perfect for those looking for Britishstyle, but with the quality of

Hand stitching with special yarns, studs and mouldings in brass chemically treated so as not to discolour and so much craftsmanship that distinguishes the production workers, today make the brand proudly Italian and based in Montegranaro in the province of Fermo (Marche) and one of the most established of the entire world footwear sector.