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Barba Napoli and Made in Italy craftsmanship

The ancient Barba Napoli tailoring has a history of over fifty years. It all starts with Antonio Barba, a great craftsman, who in 1965 opened a workshop near Naples. His love for style and masculine elegance was great and was expressed in the impeccable workmanship of jackets, sweaters, shirts, jeans and much more.

Tailoring is well known and appreciated in Naples, but also in the fashion world, which especially loves Made in Italy. Barba Napoli clothing is a must that a select and elegant clientele cannot help but buy.

Its fame is due to its great attention to detail, precision in every detail and enormous dedication in the tailoring field. Labour is the basis of every garment, and this is the only spirit on which the refined tailoring of Antonio Barba is based.

Close to the 2000s, the company expands and moves to Arzano, expanding its productions: no longer just shirts and ties as in the beginning, but also jackets, coats, trousers and knitwear. In doing so, Antonio, together with his two sons and a team of experts, manages to conquer high fashion lovers all over the world, carrying on what is the history of Neapolitan tailoring.

The flagship items of Barba Napoli: Jackets, Sweaters and Jeans

The style of the ancient Barba Napoli tailor's shop puts masculine elegance at the centre of its production, to which is added attention to detail and quality of materials.

The most popular items of clothing are undoubtedly jackets, jeans and sweaters of which there is a wide choice of models, fabrics and colours. Barba Napoli aims to dress the modern and elegant man who appreciates valuable clothing and doesn't want to give up Made in Italy.