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Let yourself be conquered by the Lacoste men's collection: polo shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, shirts, accessories and sneakers, the best to give life to your style full of charm every day. The collection of the French "crocodile" brand consists of a vast selection of polo shirts with timeless elegance available in regular fit and slim fit versions, soft sweaters for winter and spring, sweatshirts, t-shirts and the Lacoste line Novak Djokovic tennis. Discover our entire Lacoste men's assortment and buy in comfort in our online shop!


Lacoste is the crocodile brand loved all over the world. This brand was born from a sort of bet made by the tennis player Renè Lacoste with Allan Muhr, captain of the French tennis team in 1923.

A crocodile leather suitcase was up for grabs, and whoever won the challenge could have won it. Conquered that victory, the Lacoste tennis player was even nicknamed the crocodile, precisely because he never gave respite to his opponents.

From there, the story of the brand with the reptile was launched, conceived and illustrated by the friend of Renè Lacoste, or Robert George. From then on, the design of the now famous animal was embroidered on millions of polo shirts and sweaters designed by the tennis player himself.

Only in 1933, Renè Lacoste tried to run his shop and had shirts and cotton t-shirts made in breathable mesh, to be able to wear them to his own tennis tournaments.

Therefore, Renè Lacoste, who understood his potential, joined his friend André Gillier, precisely because he understood that his brand could be successful, thus launching the first production of knitwear with the embroidered crocodile print. The collection was called The Lacoste T-shirt. The company began to grow, thanks also to a new item of clothing, the polo shirt, which was made more and more with bright colours and bizarre prints.

Lacoste style: sporty elegance

The Lacoste brand, as it was possible to imagine, is based above all on sporty elegance, because initially the clothes were designed for playing tennis. The inspiration comes from this discipline, which is elegant and refined.

The whole look, at the same time, is also modern, and this is the essence that the Lacoste brand has always wanted to convey. The founder immediately tried to combine freedom of movement with an impeccable style, a symbol of what is the emblem of the French man.

Lacoste's iconic garment is unquestionably the polo shirt, recreated in cotton with the symbolic crocodile brand: a must of this brand, true tradition, a classic.