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Woolrich Clothing

Woolrich: two centuries of history

John Rich is the son of a wool weaver who emigrated to the USA from Liverpool in the early nineteenth century: initially, he lived in Philadelphia and then moved to more central Pennsylvania. Here, starting from the knowledge handed down by his father, he began managing a small wool mill. Later he moved to the community of Pum Run and with the savings set aside, in 1830 he founded Woolrich, together with his partner Daniel McCormick.

Success was practically unstoppable also thanks to the historical context. The brand supplied woollen materials and blankets essential for the survival of the soldiers who fought the Civil War. Meanwhile, the production specialises in workwear, including the iconic black and red plaid in American history. To this day, Woolrich has retained its historic Pennsylvania headquarters. The members of the seventh and eighth generation Rich are still directly involved in the management of the brand, continuing to respond with extreme attention to the changing needs of the fashion world, to satisfy the needs of customers and carrying on the family business, handed down from generation to generation.

Woolrich and the birth of the Parka

Woolrich is a brand that has always been linked to outwear and over the centuries the demands of consumers have changed considerably. The company found itself responding to the new needs, of people looking for warm and resistant clothing. From here began the search for technical fabrics capable of resisting over time.

The secret of Woolrich's longevity depends above all on the harmony between past and present, between tradition and innovation. From the earliest years, the wool mill listened to the needs of workers forced to operate in extreme conditions, but the real iconic garment, symbol of the brand, only reached the public in the seventies. This is the Original Arctic Parka

In a short time, this knee-length puffer jacket with a trimmed and fur-lined hood has become one of the company's bestsellers. Its ability to keep warm and the waterproof technical fabric suitable in case of rain guarantee maximum comfort, keeping the heat inside without letting water and cold pass through. The first was produced in 1972 to dress American workers who arrived in Alaska to work on the pipeline and survive the harsh temperatures of the area.

The Woolrich Parka today represents a wardrobe must-have, the Outerwear par excellence, durable and resistant, as well as being extremely warm and comfortable to wear, perfetct also for women's Outewar. Today the company produces sportswear with a refined taste, intended for a sophisticated and demanding public. An attitude that also shines through in the lines dedicated to knitwear. The sweaters signed by the brand are a splendid example of a mixture of utility and design. 

Woolrich is now not just a brand, but a concept, an idea. You don't buy a jacket, you buy a Woolrich.