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Blauer is a Made in USA brand that has been attentive to details for years: the philosophy of the brand translates into the selection of top quality fabrics and yarns, traced production and the best trendy and functional solutions. Created to provide garments and technical uniforms for public officials, police officers, marines and other military bodies, today the fashion brand is aimed at a practical and dynamic man who, however, seeks that detail that makes the difference.

A past steeped in values and rigour

Blauer was born in the 1930s in Boston and began in the postwar years to distribute the first anorak that would become his trademark: an essential and functional uniform used by aviators, marines and army corps to shelter from the rain. The history of the brand is full of successes, so much so that it begins to turn also to women's Clothing: in 2001 it was incorporated by the Italian fashion company FGF Industry of the leader Enzo Fusco who launched it in the most glamorous fashion world.

Blauer's mission and values

The philosophy of the brand materialises in men's and women's jackets, street-style jackets and down jackets with a decisive and practical character, the perfect combination of typical American pragmatism and Made in Italy excellence, that attention to craftsmanship, to the trendiest style and design. Blauer's style is contemporary but essential, sober and direct, in full compliance with the motto less is more, but with some creative and innovative incursions.
An urban chic spirit, metropolitan and always looking for new horizons, adventurous and unconventional. It is precisely from the encounter between the rigour of a military uniform and the Italian imagination that such an exclusive product is born, multifaceted but cohesive at the same time, rich in inspirations but always rooted in its simplicity.
Today Blauer's mission is to produce designer outwear garments, with an eco-sustainable approach and ecological fabrics such as Taslan.

The iconic Garment: the Jacket

From that mythical rain and wind jacket of the Marines and the American army of the 1950s, Blauer has produced Jackets and coats for him and her characterised by a rigorous, authoritative and austere style. Progressively more and more details have been added to the original uniform, up to the legendary multi-pocket jacket with faux fur collar that characterises American agents, also available in the shorter bomber version.