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Men's Jackets: Outwear to face the cold

To resist the cold winter season it is not necessary to give up on style. Indeed, Crush Store offers a refined collection of Men's jacket, winter or autumn whether they are, perfect for facing the cold with charm and brilliance.

An ensemble of style and practicality

With its careful selection , Crush Store offers its customers the best of Made in Italy, in fact, among the brands present on the platform, the brands that dominate the national and international scene stand out.

Barba Napoli focuses on the quality of materials and attention to detail for a winter collection characterized by elegance. Blauer is synonymous with street-style materializing in the creations of contemporary but essential jackets and down jackets. Instead, the collection Kired expresses its essence in sportswear in the name of casual and informal style. Likewise, Paul and Shark for his jackets he focuses on sportswear, preferring technical fabrics combined with elegant designs. Down jackets, parkas and raincoats are the flagship items of Save the Duck And Stone Island , brands that prefer contemporary style and technical fabrics for the creation of functional and practical models. Leather, on the other hand, reigns supreme in the designer autumn-winter collections Volfagli , expression of a brand for which the care and quality of the materials are in the first place. Woolrich with its iconic parkas, it continues to respond with extreme attention to the changing needs of the fashion world, to satisfy the needs of customers. For young people instead Crush Store offers bomber jackets and jackets Spray ground.

The best-selling brands on Crush-store

Blauer Jackets

Blauer jackets are a range of men's and women's jackets made by the American brand Blauer . They feature a modern and functional design, with resistant fabrics and cutting-edge technologies to ensure maximum protection from the cold and bad weather. Among the most popular models we find the down jacket, the parka and the bomber, all available in different colors and cuts. The quality of the materials and the attention to detail make these jackets an ideal choice for those looking for a sophisticated and innovative alternative to traditional garments.

Blauer jacket

The Blauer jacket it is a very popular item of clothing, especially among fashion and outdoor enthusiasts. It is a jacket made with high quality materials, such as nylon or polyester, resistant to water and wind. The distinctive feature of the Blauer jacket is its sporty and functional design, which makes it ideal for multiple outdoor activities, such as skiing, hiking or trekking. Thanks to its light and breathable structure, it offers optimal comfort even during the hottest periods of the year. The Blauer jacket can be purchased in different models and colours, from classic cuts to more fashionable models, with details such as hoods or internal linings customized. It is a resistant and long-lasting garment, perfect for those who want to combine functionality and style.

Refrigiwear jackets

The Refrigiwear jackets they are winter jackets designed to protect you from the cold. These jackets are made with waterproof and wind resistant fabrics, as well as thermal padding, to keep you warm during the coldest days. The Refrigiwear jackets they are available in different designs and colors and are suitable for both outdoor activities and everyday use in the city. They are much appreciated by those who work in cold environments such as warehouse workers, because they guarantee warmth and comfort throughout the working day. In addition, these jackets are very resistant and durable, providing effective protection from the cold for many years.