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Fessura shoes

FESSURA was born in Italy, in the heart of the Marche hills, with the aim of revolutionizing the world of sneakers by drawing inspiration from Tradition and focusing on Innovation.

The history of FESSURA has deep roots. During the second post-war period, in 1950, Comm. Aldo Botticelli transformed a grain warehouse built in 1700 into an industrial factory: thus launching the industrialization of Italian footwear. Fifty years later, in that same building, his nephews Andrea, Giorgio and Marco Vecchiola, guarantors of the handed down DNA, founded FESSURA, an avant-garde Italian brand, where fashion, design and art combine with new technologies, giving life to products timeless, performing and sustainable. FESSURA is a young and dynamic brand, which does not simply aspire to create and design sneakers, but wants to innovate the way of interpreting and communicating style, reworking the process by which footwear is made.

The FESSURA team never stops, it believes in change and breathes it. IT'S ENERGY IN MOTION. It can be defined as a pioneer of eco-sustainable shoes with the CHANGE® patent, of sock shoes with the SOCKSHOES® patent and of psycho-physical well-being shoes with the REFLEXSYSTEM® patent. The imagination of FESSURA has always been nourished and inhabited by the desire to protect the environment. Precisely for this reason, the brand was the first to reduce CO2 emissions in the production of footwear, explored new materials and identified cutting-edge production processes. The purpose of the brand is to offer high-performance style sneakers, never giving up on continuous research and evolution.