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Sartorio: Made in Italy Fashion

There is a totally Made in Italy brand, which manufactures men's fashion items, with precious materials of the highest level.

A brand generated by the pulsating passion of a Neapolitan who wanted to make his mark in his sector and who loved to dress men with refined and never trivial looks.

This brand bears the name of: Sartorio.

Sartorio's brand history

The Sartorio brand, present on the market for several years, was created and developed every day to introduce nationally (and not only) an original fashion but always dedicated to the tradition of the classic and at the same time cool style.

The collection mainly offers classic models, to keep the Italian dress code level high.

Sartorio is a brand that in the course of its company history has never ceased to give great importance to details, eager to meet the needs of its customers, trying never to give up the idea of always giving it a winning and distinguished aspect.

The materials used for the realisation of these garments and the enormous work that the experts carry out behind the scenes motivates the fact that this signature is placed in a high-end market.

Brand and style icons

The style promoted by Sartorio never gives up on being elegant and refined. Great space is left for the assortment of colours and patterns to never bore the customer and to keep the craftsmanship and traditional craftsmanship of Neapolitan high-tailoring.

Among the best-selling items we find: jackets, trousers, belts, hats, shoes and ties. Products that confirm their quality to the touch and immediately give a sense of delicacy, charm and style to the eye.

However, the strong point of the Sartorio brand is the shirts, garments of a high level of tailoring, with a refinement and attention to detail that only Neapolitan haute couture can produce.

The Sartorio lines are the ideal choice for those who want to come across an excellent gift idea or for those who want to go without fail on a quality purchase. Often choosing independently, especially if you are not an expert in the sector, could involve the risk of running into hasty purchases that are not in line with your tastes.

The team of Sartorio professionals who work every day to train and stay abreast of the trends of the moment and the search for the most exclusive raw materials, allows any buyer to feel in possession of a prized garment.