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Bags: an accessory for every occasion

The bag is often seen as an exclusively female accessory, and we're wrong. The Bags are functional accessories that can be used in any area, from work to leisure, from travel to the gym: the important thing is knowing how to choose a bag that fits your needs.

From different models and fabrics , the bags can be shoulder bags, fanny packs, roomy travel bags, leather backpacks or briefcases.

Crush Store Bags

Crush Store offers a wide range of bags: it is possible to find different models among the collections of MC2 Saint Barth, Kway, Diesel, Kiton, Paul&Shark and Sprayground.

For a denim style it is preferable to turn your gaze towards the bags and backpacks of Diesel , while if you need a sportier accessory you can look for the most suitable bag among the collections K way and of Spray ground .

If, on the other hand, you want to complete an elegant look, Paul&Shark e Kiton are right for you: a variety of fabrics and models will be able to satisfy the needs of the modern man. Crush Store offers the ideal solutions for every moment of the day: briefcases, leather backpacks, fanny packs, travel bags, briefcases... Discover the most fashionable bags!