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Sundek, the brand of American surfers

Sundek is a brand that was born in 1958 in California, United States. The philosophy it was based on was to offer a new genre for the man at the sea and on vacation. Times were changing, surfing began to penetrate the hearts of young people and therefore also the type of holiday became more active and dynamic. The sea had become dynamic, the beach no longer a place to bask, but a springboard to adventure. The waves no longer represented a background noise, but cheered on someone to ride them: the surf era was born!

This meant that requests and needs for more suitable clothing for this new business began to rise. Surfing began to become very popular in the early sixties, especially on the beaches of Hawaii and California, where young people who gather with their boards to ride the waves are growing more and more. Here Sundek arrives on the market to offer them practical and functional swimwear, made with more practical strategic details such as velcro instead of the zip and seams designed to give the legs easier and greater freedom of movement without discomfort.

The Swimsuits are longer and wider than the classic ones, with a more comfortable fit than before, because they are designed to dress people during dynamic activities in the water and are no longer garments to be shown lying on the beach or relaxing on a boat.

Sundek Swimwear arrives in Italy

In 1979 Luciano Pacini, a Tuscan entrepreneur, comes into contact with the brand during a trip to America and decides to have it landed on the peninsula, managing to obtain the exclusive production permit. The license will subsequently be extended to the rest of Europe and then around the world. Meanwhile, the Sundek proposal also begins to expand to adapt to the foreign market, where surfing is not as widespread as on the Californian coasts, offering customers other products such as Bermuda shorts, t-shirts, slippers and all those relating to men's and women's beachwear.
Despite a history of over half a century, in Italy Sundek costumes begin to have great success starting from the second half of the nineties. In this period, we begin to see swimwear for men slightly different from what everyone was used to.

Sundek swimsuits strike the perfect balance between style and function. Made with high quality technical fabrics, they are resistant to chlorinated water and UV rays, ensuring a long life. The main feature of Sundek swimsuits is their colorful and lively design, inspired by the world of surfing and the beach.The collection includes several styles, including classic low-rise boxers and rainbow-print shorts, both featuring side pockets and mesh lining for optimal comfort. Sundek swimsuits are available in different sizes to fit all silhouettes and are perfect for a fresh and trendy summer look.

Furthermore, Sundek also offer a range of beach accessories, such as beach towels and surf style bags, to complete your beach outfit. Choose the quality and style of Sundek swimwear to enjoy the summer to the fullest!

Sundek: Swimwear and Beachwear

The leg of the Sundek Boxers was definitely longer than the mid-thigh ones and also as regards the range of colours, the brand represents a real novelty, bringing garments with bright, fluorescent colours able to attract curiosity and push people into asking where that particular costume came from. Another great novelty also came from the type of material used by Sundek for his costumes, namely nylon, which is more resistant and less prone to ruin with salt and sun. Also from the point of view of the materials, the Sundek Costumes represented a real revolution in beach fashion up to that moment composed exclusively of swimwear and cotton garments. Today the brand produces lines for men and women with costumes that maintain the traditional philosophy based on bright colour ranges, impeccable and original lines, also offering more traditional models such as boxers to mid-thigh, versatile and finished to let you look but always be ready to move and have fun on the beach.

Today the Sundek proposal has increased considerably, expanding its horizons also towards sportswear more generally, with a wide range of accessories such as hair bands, t-shirts, shorts, flip-flops, bags, beach towels, towels and more.
In addition to the protagonist colour, Sundek products are immediately recognisable thanks to the modern design and comfortable stitching that allow you to fully experience the summer mood on the beach. Sundek can dress men and women respecting the physicality and highlighting the different silhouettes, always guaranteeing a high-quality standard and maximum comfort.