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Throwback Clothing

Throwbacks. was born from the intuition of the young entrepreneur Pasquale V. D'Avino. Born in 1991, international law student, already operating and rapidly evolving in the fields of fashion, communication strategy and the music biz. He conceives his next luxury brand as a tribute to the most important thing in the life of every human being: memories.

Nothing is stronger than our memories, historical moments and instants that remind us of the greatness of life.

P. celebrates all of this with its first streetwear collection, made up of sweaters, t-shirts and accessories. All the items are completely finished, totally Made in Italy, and distributed in 5 countries in the best stores and street boutiques in the world.

Iconic figures, stories of cult films, legendary moments in the history of sport, eternal places or artists who have inspired generations and great men who have changed the vision of the world with their actions and their speeches.

Throwback payoff. strongly conveys the brand's values: "In the end, all we have are the memories."