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Marco Pescarolo is a high-level sartorial brand, which knows how to constantly update itself and works to offer rich and dynamic collections.


A brand that designs and distributes a vast assortment of garments, from the most elegant to the most casual, all made with the highest quality raw materials.

Marco Pescarolo: Brand History

The Marco Pescarolo maison made its debut on the Italian market in 1999, presenting itself as a brand focused on tailor-made sewing, as a hallmark of timeless elegance and quality. The company grew thanks to the skill of Marco Pescarolo himself, flanked by Anna De Matteis the stylist's wife and fundamental support.

The clothing lines have changed and evolved over the years, without ever losing the passion for attention to detail, such as horn or corozo buttons and hand-embroidered labels on all garments.

Marco Pescarolo is a brand that boasts the quality not only of Made in Italy but also of Made in Naples, where it is known, the tailoring sector is renowned and acclaimed. As an example of Neapolitan tailoring, the Marco Pescarolo brand has the distinctive mark of the Pulcinella mask, a symbol inserted on all the internal and external seams of the garments. A timeless detail that wins the hearts of all customers.

Marco Pescarolo's collections

The rich assortment of garments proposed by the stylist Marco Pescarolo basically ranges over three product categories.

First of all, we have the Sartorial line, a category that describes itself thanks to its name, with an elegant, classic design, great for giving a refined and elegant look. A collection was suitable for the man who does not want to give up class and finesse.

The Everyday line, on the other hand, is based on a casual look and versatility. These are the keywords of a collection for those who do not like to expect too much in terms of elegance. The garments are treated in detail exactly like the items in the Sartorial collection, but give a sense of modernity more suited to fresh and dynamic personalities.

The Jeans line by Marco Pescarolo

Lastly, the Jeans line, suitable for more sporty and on-the-go customers. The items in this collection are modern and in step with the times. The proposed jeans models are easily combined with both shirts and sweaters.
A collection that fits everyone, regardless of age group. It is a modern and dynamic collection, but at the same time classic to adapt to everyone's style.

Marco Pescarolo is a varied brand, capable of satisfying any type of man and boy. The high quality of the materials chosen and the enormous work of the staff of experts who work behind the scenes every day for the creation of the garments, confirms the brand among the most chosen brands in the men's fashion sector.