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MooRER for Men

Founded by Moreno Faccincani in 2006, MooRER has built a strong brand, creating garments that maintain their value over the years, as collector's items, "getting rid" of time.

Moorer is an Italian clothing brand specialized in the production of men's jackets and stands out for the high quality of the materials used, attention to detail and stylistic research. Moorer jackets are made with fine fabrics and high quality padding, such as goose down. The craftsmanship and attention to detail guarantee a product of the highest quality, resistant and long-lasting. The proposed models are designed to meet the needs of sophisticated men, attentive to fashion and functionality.

Moorer offers a wide range of men's jackets, from the classic long to the short model, from the slim fit to the oversized one, all characterized by the aesthetic research that makes them recognizable. The brand also stands out for its casual and sports clothing proposals, made with the same commitment to quality and aesthetic research.

In summary, Moorer is a men's clothing brand specialized in the production of high quality outerwear, with a strong focus on stylistic research and attention to detail.


Personality and dynamism. Thanks to their functional and minimalist style, Moorer Men's outerwear adapts perfectly to both elegant and metropolitan contexts.

Perfect synthesis of tradition and innovation MooRER combines the impeccable tailoring with the refinement of precious and natural materials.

The result is a mix of elegance, style and attention to detail that is expressed in a made-to-measure and handcrafted product. Each creation, from exclusive fabrics to sophisticated design, is certified 100% MADE IN ITALY and represents a tribute to excellence and the alchemical balance of luxury. MooRER's philosophy is the belief that form and function must unite and that the garment can be simultaneously comfortable and technically advanced, while remaining faithful to the vision of luxury and exclusivity.