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Hugo Boss Men's clothing

HUGO BOSS AG is a German fashion house headquartered in Metzingen, Germany, named after its founder Hugo Ferdinand Boss. The company specializes in the production of clothes and shoes, and also covers various branches of fashion, both for men and women, with clothes, accessories and fragrances.

In the past, HUGO BOSS AG has often been faced with vague statements about its history. Hugo Ferdinand Boss founded his laboratory in 1924, as a result of which his company operated during the Third Reich and World War II. During this period the factory employed 140 forced laborers (most of them women) and 40 French POWs.

HUGO BOSS  strategy is closely linked to the company's vision and ambition to be the leading premium technology-based fashion platform worldwide and become one of the top 100 global brands. Against this backdrop, HUGO BOSS is putting the customer at the center of all its activities more than ever before, focusing in particular on younger customer groups, such as Millennials and Gen Z. The latter is particularly relevant to the luxury goods industry. consumption.