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Since 1923, Colmar has been producing clothing designed to meet the needs of athletes. This Made in Italy brand, thanks to its iconic style and high-quality clothing, has now become the excellence of world sportswear fashion. A point of reference for all athletes, for those who love to wear comfortable and technologically advanced clothing.

Colmar sportswear: quality sportswear

Over the years Colmar, thanks to the enormous entrepreneurial skills of its founder, has been able to reinvent itself by discovering new styles and creating a new way of seeing and interpreting sports fashion.
Colmar clothing items are designed and manufactured taking into account the needs of athletes; for lovers of winter sports and outdoor clothing at high altitudes, Colmar produces garments in the highest quality materials capable of adapting to the most extreme temperatures. A constantly evolving brand that, to date, turns out to be one of the most popular sportswear brands in the world.
Colmar was born in Monza in 1923: initially, it dedicated itself only to the production of work clothes, but over time it specialised in the production of technical clothing, thus becoming recognised excellence in the fashion world. Many sportsmen and athletes rely on Colmar and who have decided to wear clothing and accessories of this prestigious brand.
Not just technical clothing: for several years now, Colmar has also offered a section dedicated exclusively to lifestyle in its collections, therefore easy-wear garments that can be worn in everyday life, for school or university, to go to work or for free time: a versatile and youthful brand, which represents the right compromise between style and functionality.

Colmar clothing: when hi-tech meets style

The materials used, the attention to finishing, the desire to offer every sportsman the opportunity to wear quality garments and accessories, are just some of the many values of the Monza company. All the products made by Colmar differ in their particularity and uniqueness: they are in fact technologically advanced garments, designed to guarantee the highest level of comfort in every situation.

Perfect to be worn in the mountains, to enjoy the city in the winter season, to practice high-altitude sports, Colmar's sportswear wants to amaze and it succeeds: whether they are the iconic coloured down jackets, the unisex hooded sweatshirts or the traditional jackets, in fleece, it doesn't matter, all Colmar's proposals are a prime example of how sportswear can become a trend.
Colmar clothing is the perfect solution for those who love the mountains and winter sports; down jackets, jackets or parkas are the brand's most iconic garments. Colmar garments are a must-have for all fashion lovers, for those looking for new stimuli and new sporting challenges to face.