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Innovation, style and technology in the fashion and sartorial art sector are important to always be at the forefront and in step with the times. In this sense, the Lardini brand excels to the point of becoming one of the most prestigious in Italy.

Italian excellence in the art of tailoring

When we talk about the Lardini brand, it is enough to admire and touch the clothing items it proposes to understand that they are fabrics with a clear sartorial imprint and for this reason unique in the world. With great experience in the sector, and rigorously Made in Italy, the company based in Filottrano, in the province of Ancona, has always tried to offer clothing and accessories of the highest quality.

Lardini Brand History

It was 1978 when the eighteen-year-old Luigi Lardini put his dream into practice, based on the Italian tailoring tradition, which has always been recognised as an activity that manages to perfectly combine elegance and innovation.

Together with his father and brothers Andrea and Lorena he opens a small workshop specialising in the production of a unique garment: the classic outerwear.

In a short time, the family imposed itself in the fashion field, attracting well-known brands in the sector that allow this small family-run business to establish itself on the market. A few years were enough for the Lardini brand to arouse interest in the most authoritative international stylists.

In 1998 the Lardini brand launched on the market the first collectable garments in the men's sector, to which in the following years were added those for women, and always categorically in the name of pure tailoring never abandoned by the family. Today the Lardini brand proposes itself with physical and online stores, and with a wide range of products including various types of footwear for both sexes with new ideas and the most popular designs, all tailored as required by the best sartorial art.

Jackets, coats and dresses of the Lardini brand

Choosing the Lardini brand means being able to wear jackets, coats and dresses by drawing on the vast samples that the brand offers in the autumn-winter and spring-summer periods. Concerning the winter period, it should be emphasised that Lardini proposes garments that tend to be inspired by cold territories and therefore clearly Nordic, where snow-covered landscapes, steppes, wild animals and large lakes dominate.

Lardini draws on the natural colours of these contexts and embellishes its collections with ecological furs and first quality warm fabrics such as wool, alpaca, cashmere, velvet and mohair, unique patterns and finishes worthy of the best Italian tailoring tradition.

The man who wears Lardini likes a classic look, but in step with the times: he wears simple but quality products, Made in Italy suitable for any occasion.